Cybernetic Serendipity - 2 August - 20 October 1968 ICA, London

‘Where in London could you take a hippy, a computer
programmer, a ten-year-old schoolboy and guarantee
that each would be perfectly happy for an hour without
you having to lift a finger to entertain them?’ 2 August
1968, Evening Standard
Cybernetic Serendipity, the landmark exhibition
curated by Jasia Reichardt in 1968, is being celebrated in
the Fox Reading Room with a display of documents,
installation photographs, press reviews, invitation cards
and publications
Attracting the attention of the national and
international press at the time, Cybernetic Serendipity
was the first international exhibition in the UK devoted to
the relationship between the arts and new technology
This groundbreaking exhibition, designed by Franciszka
Themerson, presented the work of over 130 participants
including composers, engineers, artists, mathematicians
and poets
. The exhibition ran from 2 August - 20
October 1968 and was seen by some 60,000 visitors.


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