Reading List

Reading List:  

Dormer, P, The Art of the Maker: Skill and Its Meaning in Art, Craft and Design.

Turkle, S (editor), (2011). Evocative Objects: USA, MIT Press.

Baudrillard, J, (1968 ed1996). The System of Objects: London, Verso Books.

Miller, D, (2010). Stuff: UK, Polity Press  

Macdonald, S (editor), (1998). The Politics of Display: London, Routledge. 

McCullough, M, (1998). Abstracting Craft: The Practiced Digital Hand, MIT Press

Sennett, R, (2008). The Craftsman: England, Penguin Books.

Chatwin, B, (1989), Utz: Great Britain, Jonathan Cape. 

Obalk, H. Naumann, F, (2000). Affectt Marcel The Selected Correspondence of Marcel Duchamp: London, Thames and Hudson.

Chapman, J, (2006). Emotionally Durable Design: London, England.: Earthscan.

Dechend, H. Santillana, G, (1977). Hamlet's Mill:  USA, David R Godine Publisher Inc.

Leach, B, (1976). A Potters Book: Suffolk, England.: Richard Clay Ltd.


By Oliver Sacks M.D
Musicophilia: Sacks, O (2007), Tales of Music and the Brain: – Revised & Expanded (2008)
Paperback, Vintage Books, ISBN 1400033535
Hardcover, Alfred A. Knopf, ISBN 1400040817

Seeing Voices (1989)
Paperback, Vintage Books, ISBN 0-375-70407-8

A Leg to Stand On (1984)
Paperback, Touchstone Books, ISBN 0-684-85395-7



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