Unrealised Work

Working Titles of Unrealised Pieces. (Ideas really):

Speculative Focus 2014
'Treasure maps' acid etched on to one metre squared
panels of 10mm glass (toughened). Panels placed on rafts made
from cork. Rafts launched from locations throughout the West Indies.
GPS trackers follow the maps progress

Burlap Cat Accompaniment 2001 
Bear suit, 17 metronomes, vintage tusk (from recognised museum collection), one dozen plastic eggs, 2pints of sump oil, centrifuge.

Spinnaker Diadem 2011
10 meters vintage cloth, 1000 disposable chopsticks, corridor,
chain-link fencing, 19 overhead projectors, audio loop.
Chalk Absolution 2004
17 meter chalk board, blindfolds, chalk, piezo transducers, Orange amplifiers, flip flops.

A Flock of Flocked Seagulls 2004
Taxidermy seagulls, flocking, audio. Unlimited Edition.

How Now Brown Cow (I’m Not Looking for New England) 2011
Pencil, pen and tape on paper, lint and scorched pencil
Approx 45x30cm Framed

A Preparatory Drawing for an Animated Story about New England
and the Borderline Between Hopes and Punishing Reality when Travelling alone Overseas 2017
Hand-bound books on hand made paper, antique bookcase and library ladder. Cavities cut within the books to hold a traveling compendium, cast objects, micro electronics, proximity sensors, G.P.P tracking and distress beacon.

Illuminated manuscripts 2005-2011
Dental floss, vehicle striping, glass bulbs, found objects, mirrored plastic
Approx 20x20x4cm

A Small Collection of Fragmented Publications, Objects and Ephemera,
Allowing the Reorganisation of Personal Items in Public 1989
Pint glass, vial of preserved vipers blood, olive oil caplets, natural sponges, six random elements from the periodic table buried in St Paul's Cathedral.

Electric Bugaboo Too (Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough) 2011
Spirit miniatures, glitter, amulet, railway timetable, small-carved wooden toadstool, and lights. Rotating image of the laughing cavalier, clockwork mechanism,
Approx 30x30x5cm

Billboard Text Piece 2010 
An alcoholic spirit visits a quiet Hamlet in West Germany,  laden with bias he helps guide oneself away from oneself almost entirely for his own means

The Intentional confection of a tri-cornered hat 2014 

(edition of 5)
Binaural recording of sonar signals between two fixed point broadcasting vessels in the Atlantic Ocean 

Grape Husk Hangings 2001
1000 clay slip dipped grape stalks, fishing line.

A Snare for the Blind Punt Handlers 2014 
hand painted shop frontage, actor, unlimited edition of printed lead pencils. 

Scansion 2014 

Extruded clay pretzel machine, kiln, hand powered sugar duster.

Lead Smelting Tower 2000

Performance projection of recreating lead shot musket bullets through gravity.

Atomic Religious Iconography Series (AWE Furniture) 2003
Juxtaposed furniture assemblage using Remploy furniture and pool balls.

Calender of International Monks 2004
Calendar showing a monk a month.
Glitter Ball in a Hessian Sack 2005 
Hessian sack, glitter ball.

Getting too Big for your Boots 2009
Interviews and research into feet-binding practices in the style of a tabloid newspaper including X-Ray imagery and a collaboration with Nike.

Spill your Guts 2007
Acrylic lettering, locators, flocking,
vinyl and Mylar sheeting, fake blood, optometrists equipment.

5x55 Minute Sets 2007
Plexi-glass, Leslie speaker, speaker
cones, amplifiers, mixer, audio

Blowing your own Trumpet 1998
Trumpet, concrete, acid etched signature

In Spite of all the Danger 2005
Sugar cubes, 3 legs of plastic ham, penny whistle
chrome piping and real ale. Dimensions variable

Distribution Media 2007 
Classical/Iconoclastic/Capital (Capital Cities, Architecture, Paintings, Sculptures,
Pornography/Eroticism, Figures in History, The Classics,Pop Culture, Furniture, Nature, Food, Objects) Digital prints on rolls of paper, shredders, acrylic and motors

Candy Floss Typhoon Centrifuge 2009
8x Scaled version of candy floss machine.

Dropped Audio 2013
Three hour live performance of seven amateur drummers dropping their sticks.

Shop Fronts Series 2001 -
Solace, Perseverance & Sons 2001
Adhoc & Baleful Actuaries 2004


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