The Boundless Museum: Part of Whitley Arts Festival

The Boundless Museum will feature as part of this years Whitley Arts Festival.

The Boundless Museum is a portable unit based on the idea of an extended barrel organ set-up but instead of only sound, there will be a series of 'automaton' style elements and museum objects
displayed within the ‘vitrines’. It will dispense chocolate to visitors who engage with a series of ‘punch cards’ that will have images from Reading Museum's collection on them. Once a visitor chooses to insert a specific card, they can turn the handle to extract a chocolate that symbolises that object. This they can eat or keep.

The Boundless Museum is part of a bigger research project by artist Jon Lockhart that looks at
how objects are presented in museums, their manufacture and how alternative ways of
participation can increase peoples experiences of institutions such as art galleries and

This element of the project will draw on themes such as the cabinet of curiosities in presenting
an eclectic and seemingly disorganised array of objects alongside each other. It references the
traditional street machines and barrel organs of the early 20th century whilst utilising the
contemporary sensibilities of the ‘pop-up’ event. Similarly, the Happenings and intervention art
of the early 1960s as pioneered by Allen Kaprow is also a very large inspiration to the artist.


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